Being More Brilliant! Is It Good or Not? by Gregory Fortier


téléchargementThere are different types of intelligence and intellectuality in society. Some people are easy learners, and others need to work a lot more. In the movie Good Will Hunting, the principal character, Will Hunting, is someone that can learn fast, and understand almost everything only by reading books. In fact, he is an autodidact. His intelligence is rare, and might be a gift. People that are studying in universities and colleges need to past a lot more time to understand what he can understand only by reading books. In this text, I will talk about how it is to be more brilliant than others in a society of intellectual, like people in universities. I will do a little summary of the movie, and I will explain what the positive and negative aspects of it are.

To summarize, Will Hunting is a young man of twenty years old, an orphan, and someone who had had a really difficult life. He was beaten in his youth, and he was also extremely alone. He is different than others because he is really brilliant, and he can understand almost everything by only reading books. In the movie, Will as some great friends that are always there for him. He has a poor quality of life, but it does not affect him. He is working in Harvard University as a janitor, and one day he decided to solve a big mathematic problem. When teacher Lambeau, find out that it was him who solved it, he took him under his protection. By doing that, Will also needed to see a therapist if he wanted to avoid jail. Will and the therapist, Sean, became great friends, and Lambeau tried to use Will, and decided of his future. To conclude, Will finally find out what he wants to do of his life.

To begin, being more brilliant than others has some positive aspects in Will’s life as we can see in the movie. In first, the intelligence that Will has can serve him as a way to protect himself and his friends. As we see in the movie, Will was able to defend his best friend against one of the students of Harvard, by using his knowledge, and showing to the students that people just need to pay 1,50$ for a book to know what he knows (min 18:20). He also used it to protect himself against the five therapist because he did not want to have one, and he could make them panic by using his intelligence (min 30:00). So, he is using his intelligence as a defensive weapon to drive away the people whom want to attack him or his friends, and those whom want to come in his life. In second, another positive aspect of being more brilliant than others is the fact that it is opening for him a world of careers’ opportunities. Because he is unique, a lot of companies and people want to have him with them, and we can see it when Lambeau finds him job interviews (min 74:50). His intelligence allows him to have a lot of choice of careers. But what those companies and those people want his not Will himself, but his intelligence. In third, the last important positive aspect is when Will explains, to the student in the bar, that it is not necessary to go to university to be brilliant (min 19:20). Will is the example that prove we do not need to go to university to be smart. He is going against society values by saying that, and, as we saw in class, it is a form of cultural resistance. To finish, those three main positive aspects of being more brilliant than others are the ones shown in the movie, and the ones I found.

To continue, it is time to present the negative aspects of being more brilliant than others. The first negative aspects is about the arrogance of Will. Because Will is really brilliant, he thinks that he knows everything about everything and everybody. He his arrogant with the first therapist because he said that he knew the therapist was gay only by reading his book (min 30:00), and because he thought that he could understand who was Sean only by describing his painting (min 40:00). In fact, as Sean explained him, he cannot know everything only by reading books, because he is young, and he does not know anything about life. His arrogance is present because he thinks he is the brightest, but he is still ignorant. The second negative aspect is about the fact that people want to use his intelligence, as I mentioned before. It is not only companies and people that want to use it, but also Professor Lambeau. By using Will’s intelligence, he is proving that he has power on his colleagues because knowledge is power. We can see how he used it when he proved that the mathematic problem of one of his colleagues is wrong (min 54:00). So what people want is Will’s intelligence, and not Will’s person, and it is in part because of that that Will does not want to use is knowledge and to go further in life. He is not doing what society wants of him. The last negative aspect is about the fact that he is hiding himself behind his intelligence. Because he was abandoned by the ones he once loved when he was young, he his using his intelligence to not love again, and by pretending he understands everything. That is in part why he does not want to go with Skylar, his girlfriend, to California, and why he is not telling her that he loves her too. Because he is brilliant, he thinks he knows that it is impossible to be with her, because they are different, and also because of his past (min 85). He is creating to himself reasons to not go with her. So, he is using his intelligence to protect himself of being hurt, but also of being happy and to love someone. To end that, being more brilliant does not allow a person to have a perfect life, and to be happy, but sometimes it is the opposite.

To conclude, being more brilliant than others in a society of intellectual is not always easy, and knowledge is really powerful. In the movie, we can see that Will Hunting is really intelligent and unique, but his intelligence has its positive and negative aspects. I would say that his intelligence is harmful for his life, and he uses it too much to protect himself. By doing this, he cannot really be happy and let new people come in his life. I do not know if being an autodidact like Will Hunting is a gift or not nowadays because, as I said, knowledge is power and is dangerous.