Summary of The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner by Alexandre Masson


Loneliness_of_the_Long_Distance_Runner_02jpgThe Loneliness Of the Long Distance Runner is a british movie that came out in 1962 as a part of the “Angry Young Man” series. It follows protagonist Colin Smith as he struggles to find a place for himself in a society in which he does not identify. The film opens as he is seen running along a river. He is then seen at ruxton tower, a reform school for young delinquents which teaches the non conforming youth to work with their hands. Continue reading

Winner/Loser Discourse in the Private vs. Public School Debate by Joahnne Thomson-Sweeny




What is success in today’s society? How does one become successful, a winner? In a capitalist society, winning and being successful most often are related to those who have money, who have capital. Thus, if one is born into a family who has money, then one is already a winner. As people grow up, other aspects factor into the winner/loser discourse, and one of them is schooling. Continue reading