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Chandra Tapalde Mohanty
by Rebecca Lyne Dustin

Chandra Tapalde Mohanty has been a Professor of Women's Studies at Hamilton College in New York since 1991. Her master's and Ph.D were obtained from the University of Illinois. Her teaching, research and writing focuses on global women's issues, activism, antiracial education, multicultural education, women of colour in the USA and feminist theory.

Mohanty is a theorist, not a creative writer. Her work is based on feminism and the critique of colonialism. In her texts, she writes about the contextual and textual differences between several aspects (geographical, cultural and social) of the 'West' and the 'East'. The difference between these two 'Worlds' is often a topic of discussion in Postocolonial theories. The purpose of Mohanty's theories is to allow other cultures to understand the Third World.

Here are some of Chandra Tapalde Mohanty's thoughts on the problematic of sexual difference and how, in her opinion, it can be associated with the Third World:

"An Analysis of 'sexual difference' in the form of a cross-culturally singular, monolithic notion of patriarchy or male dominance leads to the construction of a similar reductive and homogeneous notion of what I call the 'Third World Difference' - that stable, ahistorical something that apparently oppresses most if not all the women in these countries"
Under Western Eyes, 335.


Chandra Mohanty: Co-editor

Feminist Genealogies, Colonial Legacies, Democratic Futures.
(co-edited with M. Jacqui Alexander, New York: Routeledge, 1997)

Third World Women and the Politics of Feminism.
(co-edited with Lourdes Torres and Ann Russo, Indiana University Press, 1991)

Chandra Mohanty: Series Editor

"Gender, Culture and Global Politics" Garland Publishing, New York.
(Mohanty edits a series of books on "Gender, Culture and Global Politics" for Garland Publishing in New York)

Chandra Mohanty: Work in Progress

Feminism Without Borders: Multiculturalism, Globalization and the Politics of Solidarity.

Chandra Mohanty: Article

"Under Western Eyes: Feminist Scholarship and Colonial Discourses" Feminist Review 30, Autumn 1988.

For more information on Chandra Tapalde Mohanty and other Feminists, consult:

Emberley, Julia V. Threshold of Difference: Feminist Critique, Native Women's Writings, Postocolonial Theory. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1993.

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