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Frank McCourt was born in Brooklyn in 1930 and at the age of four, his parents, Irish immigrants, decided to bring the family back to Ireland. Frank remembers little of his life in the United States. What he remembers most are the hardships he went through in Ireland, in a small town by the name of Limerick.


He lived in the slums. Meals were made up of bread and tea. The family did not drink out of cups and glasses, but out of jam jar. So poor, everyone slept in the same bed with an old coat as a blanket, infested with lice.


Frank’s father rarely had a job and when he did he drank his wages at the nearby pub. Finally, Malachy left Ireland for England and abandoned Angela, Frank’s mother.


Frank McCourt’s first book Angela’s Ashes is a memoir where his childhood is told in detail...poverty, sickness, death. He returned to America in 1949.


Winner of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize award, The #1 National Best Seller, winner of The National Book Critics Circle Award, The Los Angeles Times Book Award and the Abby Award, Angela’s Ashes was even brought to the big screen in 1998 by Paramount and Polygram Film Entertainment and has also been translated into French.






Ireland is often forgotten as a country which fought against the might of the British Empire. In 1916, the Easter Uprising marked the turning point in Ireland’s history. James Conolly met with death at the hands of the British, but at the end British imperialism really suffered defeat.