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Charlotte Brontė    Emily Brontė   Anne Brontė    Virginia Woolf   Elizabeth Barrett Browning   Emilie Dickinson    Gloria Naylor    Charlotte Perkins Gilman     Silvia Plath   Dorothy  Livesay  Margaret Atwood  Sojourner Truth     Isak Dinesen     Denise Levertov     Mary Shelley     Jane Austen       Heather O'Neill    Jean Rhys   Shani Mootoo  Ann Killigrew  Aphra Behn   Elizabeth Gaskell    George Eliot 

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   About the Course

The course ANG553 Women Writers aims at analysing texts of feminine and feminist literature. It serves the purpose of reminding students of the history of women in patriarchal society, and introduces students to historical literary works that derived  from this phenomenon.

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