Introduction to Comparative Literature

ANG 341 Winter 2006




Created by Maryse Bernier, Eve Lauzier, and Michaël "Buddy" Marcoux


    Introduction to Comparative Literature (ANG 341) was a  course offered at the Université de  Sherbrooke during the Winter 2006 session.  This course compared literatures across cultures, through interdisciplinary methods and to other forms of representation.  Moreover, in this comparative literature course, students studied literature with a greater concern for theory than is sometimes found in literary studies of one national or linguistic culture.  Throughout the semester, students read several short stories, novellas and memoirs from authors around the world and their works were analyzed and discussed during the class meetings.  In addition, students wrote web-page contributions to give background information about the authors, the social context and artistic movements.  Below, you can read some of the works done for this course and learn more about those well-known authors and their works.  


     Thanks to Jackie Hall for English corrections.

"Metamorphosis" 1915  





"Rip Van Winkle" 1819  




"A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" 1968        





"A Real Life" 1992   





"A Country Wedding"  1984   





"Heart of Darkness" 1899  




"A White Heron" 1886  





"Aura"   1962      






"A Rose for Emily" 1930   




"In the Kindergarten" 1998




"The House on Mango Street" 1989 






"Wine" 1957                                  



"The Horse Dealer's Daughter" 1922  






"I Stand Here Ironing" 1961    





"The Darling" 1899



"Big Blonde" 1929








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