O Canada!

The great country of the North, home to diverse fauna, flora and cultures.

It's not easy for so many diverse people to get along well. Our writers have studied the different cultures of Canada and have produced excellent texts that describe the situation. You will probably discover that you didn't know as much as you thought you did about Canada, but that's okay! Take time to read these articles and broaden your knowledge of Canada.


By Sarah Busque.

The Indian Princess vs. the Squaw: the Misrepresentation of Native Women in Canada

"Canada is well known around the world for its multiculturalism..."


By Jessica Leblanc

The housing situation of the Natives

"The housing environment of Natives is shattering, not only because of space deficiency..."


By Sherrie Malisch.

What Attawapiskat stands for in the Canadian media

"Until recently, many doubtless Canadians had never heard of the Attawapiskat First Nation..."


By Laurence Coderre.

Native activists in Canada

"Before the arrival of Europeans, North America was populated with Native Americans..."


By Mukendi Kubamba.

African-Canadian literature

"The first Black people who arrived in Canada did not come at the same moment as most immigrants..."


By Chantal Côté.

Quotas in Canada's Immigration Policy - Present and Past

"Canada: large welcoming country!..."


By Melissa Seng.

Hate crimes in Canada

"Hate crimes are not a recent phenomenon. History has been a witness to many cases..."