Intercultural Relations

Everyone remembers the "accommodements raisonnables". Have the relations between cultures improved since then? Here is where you will find out.

Language is an extremely important part of culture, and with reason: it is through the language that we express our vision of the world, and through language that we understand it. Sadly, not all intercultural meetings are open to one another and respectful, often resulting in conflict. In these great articles by our devoted writers, you will learn more about these conflicts.


By Nancy Lanoie


"When I was studying languages, I went to Spain with my group and each of us was living in a family there..."


By Amelie Michaud.

Language and Status

"In many countries around the world, people speak more than one language, according to the region they live in..."


By Sebastien Senneville.

Intercultural Conflict

"Since the dawn of history of men, there has been conflict; conflict between individuals; conflict between groups; conflict between civilisations..."


By Kate Goulet.

The intercultural aspects of sex trade

"Prostitution is a practice that has existed for thousands of years and has been invented by the Mesopotamians as 'sacred prostitution.'"