Representing and Othering Natives

Native American Ethnic Team Names

Vincent Methot

Back in 1845, a painter named Paul Kane made a trip out west into indian country where he though he would be able to portray the perfect indian, an entity that he characterised as the noble savage in his natural setting...

Globalization Since 1492

RĂ©mi Beaudoin

In his introduction to The American Empire and the Fourth World, Anthony J. Hall talks about many aspects of the Indigenous life after 1492. In his introduction, he relates his trip to a conference in Charlottetown and his trip back when he makes various stops...

Stereotypes on Native People and the Facts Behind Them

Johanne Thomson-Sweeny

Ever since the first contact with Europeans, native people have largely been misunderstood and disrespected because they were seen as different and inferior. The following will be an account of three common stereotypes and the facts behind them.

The Biography of Emily Carr

Meggie M. Bisson

Emily Carr was a Canadian artist and writer born on December 13, 1871 in Victoria, British Columbia. Raised in the English traditional ways, she developed an early passion for arts, nature, and animals. Even at a very young age, she had interest in western aboriginal cultures.

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