Native Culture

Innikueu: Innu Tea Dolls

Somiya Muzaffar

Although storytelling and hunting played an important role in the upbringing of the Innu children, playing with Innikueu tea dolls was also a fun part of their childhood years. These dolls were part of the Innu history. Today, they help some Innu people connect with their past.

Uqalurait: An Oral History of Nunavut - A Review

Melinda Aubé

An Oral History of Nunavut, is a compilation of oral stories that allows the readers to better understand the culture of the Inuits of Nunavut. A major part of their culture is their rituals of death and burial and shamanism...

Métis Culture

Kristof Boucher

The legislative place of the metis, people of mixed white and aboriginal blood, in our society has always been a matter of debate. Their mixed blood makes it difficult to determine if they fall under the same laws as "pure" blood natives or if they follow the average Canadian citizen laws.

The Chilkat Dancing Blanket

Alina Ruta

The Chilkat dancing blanket, named after the eponymous indigenous tribe living on the Pacific Northwest Coast of Northern America, is one of the most interesting pieces in the art of weaving in the Native culture...

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