Native People and the Canadian Government

The Beluga Whale Massacre

Marie-Laure Dion-Savoie

Along the years, the people from the North have been subjected to many challenges and assaults both from nature and men. The Inuit have survived and continue to survive yet their way of life has been under attack...

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

Arnaud Meyer

Are you moved by the horrible conditions in which the natives used to live when they were attending Residential Schools? Do you have something to say and would you like to testify to what happened during those years? If so...

Native Soldiers in WWI

Andréanne Dupont

On each November 11 since the end of the Great War, we remember all soldiers who fought, and often gave their lives while serving their country. We remember our Canadian soldiers, but we tend to forget that over 300 of them, who also died in this war, were from Native communities...

Where Are the Children?

Josiane Lemire

Shocking! Shocking, shocking, shocking! That's the only word that comes to my mind when I think about residential schools. How can the government of Canada and the Church make such a horrific arrangement to assimilate aboriginal children?

The Truth on Residential Schools

Julie Vaillancourt

During years, we did not hear of what was happening to Indians when we were not looking. But now, they spoke up. We can see through many books and songs what they have been through and how tough it was...

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